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dryland rivers hydrology and geomorphology of semi arid - dryland rivers hydrology and geomorphology of semi arid channels l j bull m j kirkby on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers examines the processes operating in the headwaters and mainchannels of ephemeral rivers in semi arid environments and includescoverage of current fieldwork investigations, gully erosion and environmental change importance and - assessing the impacts of climatic and in particular land use changes on rates of soil erosion by water is the objective of many national and international research projects, conference program ise2018 international symposium on - presymposium workshop kurita ecohydraulics workshop ecoenet interdisciplinarity in ecohydraulics an early career perspective the kurita ecohydraulics workshop supported by the kurita water and environment foundation is organized by ecoenet and ise2018 s loc and will focus on guided discussions around interdisciplinarity in ecohydraulics further details are provided below